• New feature where a banner is displayed in the Dashboard if users are still taking backups in the old v6 format. They are prompted to switch to v7 format or enable deduplication.

  • In Advanced Settings screen users now have the option to switch to v7 format without needing to enable Deduplication. This is ideal for Freeware and Standard edition users.


  • Fixes an issue in the new Altaro Offsite Server v7 Management Console where changing a User's password could cause authentication to fail for that user

  • Fixes an issue which in rare cases could cause the Altaro Offsite Server service to fail to start after migrating v6 User Accounts configuration

  • Fixes an issue when migrating certain types of v6 offsite copy data to the new v7 offsite copy format which would cause the migrate operation to be skipped forcing a reseed of the Offsite Copy

  • Fixes an issue where the Time Window Dashboard Chart was displaying operation start times in UTC time and not in user's local time

  • Updates new Altaro Logo in Email Notifications

  • Fixes an issue where Dashboard Charts were sometimes not displayed

  • Fixes a rare issue when using the Restore Wizard and waiting for restoreable versions to be listed, where the error 'No Restoreable Versions Found' was temporarily displayed and then replaced with the version list

  • Fixes an issue where Boot from Backup was not working for VMs on a Windows Server 2016 Host

  • Fixes an issue where the Deduplication Ratio chart could be inaccurate if the user has a mixture of deduplicated backups and non-deduplicated backups

  • Fixes a problem with the check for free disk space before starting a Restore operation

  • On Windows Server 2016 hosts, fixes an issue causing Production Checkpoints to fail for some VMs with long names

  • Fixes an issue with messaging to show current (temporary) limitation that Restore Operations on Windows Server 2016 are only possible for VMs backed up from the same or other Windows Server 2016 hosts

  • Plus other fixes and improvements

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)