• Fixes a rare issue where the Altaro Offsite Server 7 Management Console would fail to load correctly

  • Fixes an issue where invalid characters in an Altaro Offsite Server user account would prevent that User Account from being edited / deleted. This only affected users that upgraded from v5/v6 Altaro Offsite Server to v7 and had certain invalid characters in their usernames

  • Fixes an issue where the wrong port was listed as required in the Altaro Offsite Server UI

  • Fixes a rare issue where retention policy deletions would fail when an Offsite Copy is running instead of waiting until it completes

  • Fixes an issue where backups would fail because the Altaro VM Backup installation was installed on a machine with multiple NIC cards and the wrong IP address was being used for Altaro Hyper-V Host Agents to communicate

  • Fixes a rare issue where a failed retention policy operation could cause other backup / offsite copy operations to be queued

  • Fixes an issue where Boot from Backup occasionally creates a VM with no disks

  • Fixes an issue where Item Level Restore could fail on Server 2016 hosts

  • Fixes an issue where DVD passthrough disks would fail backups

  • Adds support for backing up VMs having multiple VHDs with same name

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)