Users that originally upgraded to Altaro VM Backup v7 from Altaro VM Backup v6 or are currently running Altaro VM Backup v6, please note that Upgrading to this version will switch any VMs that are still taking old v6 format backups to the new and faster v7 backup format. This will take a full backup (no reseed necessary) the first time after upgrading.


  • Fixes an issue where v7 backups could be stored in the old AltaroV5 backup folder and this would cause Backups / Offsite Copies to fail. ┬áThis issue can only affect users that:

  • Originally performed an in place upgrade from Altaro VM Backup v6 to v7
    • ...and are running a Hyper-V Environment where only the Altaro Hyper-V Host Agent is installed directly on the host and not the full Altaro VM Backup Installation
    • ...and are backing up to a physical drive (ie. not a network path, Altaro Offsite Server)
    • ...and have already switched to Altaro V7 Backup Folder / enabled deduplication

  • Affected users can contact for assistance to move backup data to correct folder and resume Backups / Offsite Copies

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)