• Support restoring of VMs backed up with 2012/R2 to 2016

  • Increased some timeout limits that were causing backups to fail on systems with high I/O and/or slower hardware

  • Added protection against corruption of some auxiliary backup database files in the case of power failures or disconnections to the backup location

  • Fixes an issue where the SMTP Server Port could not be changed from default port 25 in the Email Notification settings

  • Fixes an issue where updating Backup Location Network Paths which do not have credentials could cause issues when authenticating the Altaro Offsite Server Account

  • Fixes a rare issue in the Management Console where upcoming backup times in the Dashboard are displayed incorrectly

  • Fixes an issue where the Backup Time Window dashboard chart was not sorted correctly

  • Fixes a rare issue where Dashboard Charts would fail to load

  • Fixes a rare issue where Retention Policy operations could run during an Offsite Copy and cause the Offsite Copy to fail

  • Plus other fixes and improvements

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