• Adds Support for Altaro LabTech Plugin (CMC Only)


  • Restore operations are now given priority and jump to beginning of operation queue

  • Adds an override file to be able to change the time the retention process runs

  • Adds an override file to increase concurrency of operations on each Host

  • Better support for very large virtual disk files (>10TB) - fixes an issue causing the backup to fail. Now virtual disks up to 64 terabytes are supported

  • Memory usage is much leaner and backup is much faster when backing up large virtual disks (5TB upwards) for the first time

  • Adds a warning when Resilient Change Tracking was not used on a VM backup on a Windows Server 2016 host


  • Fixes a rare issue where a VM could be listed twice in the UI after assigning Backup Locations

  • Fixes an issue where an Offsite Copy that is queued after Backup request for the same VM could be processed first

  • Fixes an issue causing CBT to be skipped on Vmware in some cases with multiple VMDK files per VM

  • On Vmware hosts, retroactively added guest VSS support for VMs running some older versions of Windows (Windows Served 2003)

  • Adds better error detection in the communication between Backup Server and Agent in order to address some rare communication issues found with some NIC drives

  • Better support for multiple installations backing up to the same backup location

  • Windows Server 2016: Upon a Restore the "Don't connect network" option now disables the NIC not removes it

  • Boot from backup on Windows Server 2016: Fixes an issue causing a blue screen on the booted VM issue when restoring Gen2 VMS on Windows Server 2016 in a Saved State (due to disk ID changes)

  • Fixes a rare issue causing offsite backup to fail due to vSphere authentication issue

  • Plus other fixes and improvements

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)