New Features

  • Adds the new Backup Health Monitor Feature. The Backup Health Monitor runs in the background and detects any integrity issues with your backup data due to disk issues. If issues are found the Monitor will attempt to resolve the issues automatically by backing up the affected data again during the next backup. Any issues detected which weren’t automatically resolved are reported in the Altaro VM Backup Management Console showing which Virtual Machine Backup Versions cannot be restored.


  • Fixes an issue where restoring VMs from an older version of ESXi to ESXi 6.5 would fail to start. This issue did not affect backup integrity and restoring of existing backups will start working after this upgrade. (vSphere 6.5 Only)

  • Fixes an issue which prevented 7.1.4 from being upgraded over previous installations on Server 2008 R2. (Windows Server 2008 R2 Only)

  • Fixes an issue where scheduled Offsite Copies on Server 2008 R2 Hosts could remain queued. (Windows Server 2008 R2 Only)

  • Plus other fixes and improvements

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)