New Features

  • Adds a new feature to optimize disk space used for backups. Since the release of Altaro VM Backup v7, as old backup versions are deleted by the version retention policy, subsequent backups will automatically reuse unused free space. This new feature allows users to shrink their backup data files to free up disk space without waiting for subsequent backups to reuse the space you can use this Wizard.


  • Fixes an issue with the operation history search filters

  • Fixes an issue where the Altaro Trash folder was growing excessively large in some cases

  • Fixes an issue where in the Seed to Disk feature, users were able to choose to seed a VMware VM to a backup location connected to a Hyper-V Host

  • Fixes an issue where Offsite Copies would fail instead of queue when a Retention Policy operation was running on the Altaro Offsite Server

  • Fixes an issue where the number of concurrent operations could be lower than the configured maximum amount

  • Fixes an issue which could cause failed backups in rare cases on very large Virtual Disks

  • Plus other fixes and improvements

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