• Adds support for VMware 6.7

  • Adds support for Exchange 2016 Cumulative Updates up to CU9


  • Now using VDDK 6.5 for VMware 6.5 and 6.7

  • The Volume Serial Number is now displayed in the Drive Rotation screen next to each Drive

  • GFS and Retention Policies are now based upon the user’s local time zone and not UTC


  • Fixes an issue where SAN Transport would not work for VMware 6.5

  • Fixes an issue where retention policy jobs are marked as aborted because the backup drive would not be connected

  • No longer showing Retention policy jobs in the Event Log

  • Fixes an issue where Email notification settings could not be saved

  • Fixes an issue in the operation history report where an incorrect ‘Active for 1 second’ label was being displayed

  • Virtual Machines are now sorted alphabetically in the Backup Health Monitor screen

  • Other improvements and fixes

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)