• Adds the ability to edit a Managed Host’s Server Address without having to remove and re-add it

  • By default all new VMs configured will have a default backup setting of not Application Consistent. Application Consistent backups for these VMs can be enabled from the VSS Settings screen. VMs that have already been configured for backup using a previous Altaro VM Backup version will not have their settings modified.


  • Fixes an issue where retention operations are incorrectly aborted

  • Fixes an issue where Raw Device Mapping (RDM) disks in VMware were showing as ‘Empty’ in the Exclude Drives Dialog

  • Fixes an issue where the Altaro Backup Agent Service would stop and restart

  • Fixes an issue where the error count in the Daily Summary Email could be incorrect

  • Fixes an issue where the Free Up Disk Space Wizard could fail to get the backup location

  • Other fixes and improvements

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)