• Adds a proper error message to inform users that Altaro VM Backup does not support backing up ESXi 6.0 hosts managed by a vCenter 6.7

  • Fixes communication issues that could occur when TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are disabled

  • Fixes an issue restore operations from Azure Storage or an Altaro Offsite Server could fail if the VMware VM was backed up with drives excluded from backup

  • Fixes a rare issue which could cause backups to fail with the message ‘A file on the backup location contains incorrect information’

  • Disables CBT for Virtual Machines configured with Virtual Disks stored on an SMB folder and proceeds with a Backup instead of failing (Hyper-V Only)

  • Fixes an issue where Sandbox Restore and Verification could fail when the Backup folder is on a local drive connected to a different Hyper-V Host (Hyper-V Only)

  • Other fixes and improvements

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