1. To start assigning a customer to your AOS. Go to [Setup] > [Altaro Offsite Servers] and then click on [Manage] on the one you'd like.

  2. Next click on [Grant Access to Customer]

  3. Next, select a "Customer" and an "Altaro VM Backup Installation" from the drop-down menu, you'd like to add. If the client already has an Encryption Key set, this will be picked up automatically.
    If not, you will need to set up an encryption key for the offsite copies.
  4. Next simply pick the a backup location on your AOS where you're going to store this customer's offsite backups.
  5. The last step in granting access to your customer is a summary of the options. Click [Confirm] to finish setting it up.

  6. Now you'll see that an account was automatically created in your Altaro Offsite Server, which is reflected in your CMC. Also, you'll see that your customer's Altaro VM Backup Installation now shows an offsite location pointing to your AOS.

  7. Next, you can assign VMs to the backup location by choosing [Choose VMs to Back Up]