To enable (MFA) multi factor authentication on CMC, you can follow the simple steps below:


  1. Open CMC and go to the Altaro Acount Admin page.
  2. Go to [Your Account] and [Account Settings]

  3. Click [Enable] and you'll get on-screen instructions to Scan the barcode with your authentication app -- such as Microsoft Authenticator. Once completed, enter the code and a recovery email.

    Then click on [Enable]

    To use Authy, Duo Mobile or LastPass Authenticator you will need to use the [click here] option in the above screenshot in order to view your code and enter it manually.

    Once you have the security string you can enter it manually on your authenticator app, below you can see how to do that on each of the mentioned authenticator apps:

    Authy - Add Account > Enter Code Manually
    Duo Mobile - Add account > No Barcode > Other
    Last Pass Authenticator - Add an Account > Enter Manually

  4. From now on, you will be asked to enter an authentication code every time you log in, or make any critical changes to your account.

    Should you lose your device or not be able to provide an authentication code, the recovery email address provided when you enabled two-factor authentication, will be used to help you regain access to your account.