1. On first sign in to the Cloud Management Console, you will be presented with a quick setup wizard. This will guide you to create your first Altaro VM Backup Installation.
  2. Click on [Step 1] to add your first Customer. Enter a Customer Name and you'll be offered the option to Link an installation immediately. Click [Link services later] here, so we'll proceed with the setup wizard.
  3. Click on [Step 2], then click on [Link an Installation] > [Link an Altaro VM Backup Installation]

  4. Select the Customer from the list and click [Next]. If you don't already have Altaro VM Backup installed, click [Install and link an Altaro VM Backup installation].

  5. Firstly, download and install Altaro VM Backup on your preferred Windows Server machine and then after installation you can proceed to link it.

    You will see a temporary Access Key which you can use to link multiple Altaro VM Backup Installations to this installation. The Access Key is only valid for 8 hours, and a new one can be regenerated at any time.

  6. You may then proceed to link your installation.