Subscription Billing is a licensing model based on usage and part of the Altaro Office 365 Backup.

End Users

There's a minimum annual subscription of 10 mailboxes - you can scale to tens of thousands of mailboxes. Take a look at the Pricing Calculator.

Your subscription includes backup, storage, support and access to our cloud management console for centralised management of all your company’s Office 365 mailboxes. You can subscribe for one or more years. Learn more here. 

You can start with as few mailboxes as you wish, as long as you pay the minimum fee for 10 mailboxes per year. So if you wish to start with 5 mailboxes, you can – however, you will be billed for 10.


Billing is based on the number of Mailboxes which are backed up per month, with a minimum of 30 mailboxes per month applies with no binding contracts. You can use the service for fewer mailboxes, but the minimum monthly fee is for 30 mailboxes.