Once you've signed up and have access to the Office 365 Backup Cloud Management Console, you're ready to start adding your Office 365 Organisations and take backups.

  1. Firstly, go to [Office 365 Organisations] from the menu

  2. Then, simply click on [Add Office 365 Organisation]

  3. [End Users] Then, the first step is to simply 'Confirm Organisation' by clicking [Next]

    [MSP's] Then, the first step is to simply 'Select a Customer' from the list, then click [Next]. If the customer you're adding the O365 Organisation for is not added yet, go to [Your Customers] from the menu and add the customer there.
  4. Give your Office 365 Organisation a friendly name and click on [Add Office 365 Organisation]

  5. You'll be taken to Microsoft's website to login using your Office 365 Administrator account in order to grant access for Altaro O365 Backup to the account

  6. Once you've signed in, simply click on [Accept] to proceed

  7. Once complete, you will be taken back to the Altaro O365 CMC window where access will be confirmed. Then simply click on [Close]

  8. Congratulations, your first O365 Organisation has been added! Next, simply choose whether you'd like to backup all mailboxes or whether you'd like to pick and choose. If you would like to exclude some mailboxes from being backed up later, kindly follow this guide here.