Augmented In-line Deduplication is a space saving technology developed by Altaro Software that ensures that common blocks of data, both in a singular VMs data and across multiple VMs globally, are transferred and stored on the backup location once.

This results in much lower storage requirements on your backup location, making room for more versions in less storage space. Aside from that, you'll get faster backup times and less bandwidth used when transferring information on both onsite and offsite locations.

Our deduplication technology stands out from others as we use variable block size for maximum efficiency and we also offer in-line cross-VM deduplication - so that means no need for post-process deduplication. We designed it to have a very low footprint of resources as well, so it's very light on memory usage.

It is important to note that deduplication is only available on the Unlimited Edition and is enabled by default on newly added VM's to Altaro VM Backup. If you'd like to disable deduplication across VMs, you may do so by un-ticking the "Deduplication" option from the 'Advanced Settings' screen.

Note: Installations upgraded from older versions will need to specifically enable 'Deduplication'.