When attempting to perform a Boot from Backup in a VMware infrastructure it requires two extra steps before you can get started. These steps only need to be carried out only for the first time.

  1. Firstly, ensure that you have opened the firewall ports on the VMware host you're planning to boot to. You can do so by following these instructions here.

  2. You will require an iSCSI Software Adapter added to your host, which can be done from vSphere (Configuration > Storage Adapters). This is required as we'll be using iSCSI in order to attach and be able to finally Boot from Backup.

  3. The datastore must be VMFS (NFS is not supported)

  4. If the iSCSI network is on a different subnet than that of the Altaro machine, then you need to ensure that the machine with Altaro installed on it is able to communicate with the iSCSI network subnet.