Note: The Altaro VM Tools should be installed only for VM's running Exchange or Microsoft SQL that require transaction logs to be truncated.


Unable to complete the installation of Altaro VM Tools within a guest VM in a VMware environment: "An error occurred while initializing Altaro VM Tools (Error code 'GUESTPROVIDER_003')"


This could come down to a number of causes, mainly caused by due the credentials entered or UAC being enabled.


The following should help resolving this issue, however if you're still unable to resolve this please contact support.

  1. Ensure that you are using the actual (domain/enterprise) built-in 'administrator' account. So the username used must be "administrator". In some cases this account is disabled, however it's important to use this account when deploying the tools for the first time.

    This account can be disabled once again after the Altaro VM Tools are deployed successfully for the first time. If you'd prefer not to enable the built-in administrator account, you must ensure that the user you're using has permissions to create a local user in guest VM and has permissions to install a program in guest VM.

  2. Check if UAC is enabled on the guest VM. If it's currently enabled, please disable it and try once again. A reboot might be required for this to take effect.

    When disabling, ensure that this value is set to '0':

    Path Name: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system
    Key Name: EnableLUA
    Value: 0

  3. Browse to C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Backup\AltaroVMTools and ensure you have a file named AltaroVmToolsSetup.msi

    If not, uninstall Altaro VM Backup and re-install

  4. Ensure that the guest VM is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer

  5. Microsoft .NET2.0 or higher is required on the guest VM

  6. The latest version of VMware Tools must be installed within the guest VM

  7. In some cases it also helps to login using the "administrator" username within the guest VM and then attempting to deploy the Altaro VM tools

  8. If you are using an account on vCenter created for Altaro VM Backup specifically, ensure that the permissions/privileges are matching this article.