If you're getting the following NW.js screen on startup, then follow the steps below in order to resolve this:

  1. Ensure that the shortcut you're using isn't a dead link. Try running the executable directly:

    • Altaro VM Backup: C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Backup\ManagementTools\Altaro.ManagementConsole.exe
    • Altaro Offsite Server: C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Backup\ManagementTools\Altaro.OffsiteServer.ManagementConsole.exe

  2. If opening the executable directly still presents the same screen, ensure that you have ample free space on the C: (or where Altaro is installed)

  3. Lastly, check whether the Windows tmp location is accessible. You can open 'Run' and type in %tmp%. If that presents an error, it's also what causing Altaro inability to run - once that is resolved attempt to run Altaro again.