Backups on a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V host, fail to create a Production Checkpoint and return a WMI error code.


In order to start a backup operation, Altaro VM Backup will request a Production checkpoint using WMI queries. If the VM does not meet all the requirements or the internal VSS ShadowCopy run fails, WMI will report the failure to Altaro, and the backup ends up failing.

List of WMI return events is listed below:

  • Completed with No Error (0)
  • Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (4096)
  • Failed (32768)
  • Access Denied (32769)
  • Not Supported (32770)
  • Status is unknown (32771)
  • Timeout (32772)
  • Invalid parameter (32773)
  • System is in used (32774)
  • Invalid state for this operation (32775)
  • Incorrect data type (32776)
  • System is not available (32777)
  • Out of memory (32778)
  • File Not Found (32779)


Firstly, check whether your VM actually requires an Application-Consistent backup. If it does not, you can disable it from the "VSS Settings" screen. Simply uncheck "Application Consistent" and Save changes. More information here.

If it needs Application Consistent backups enabled, then the this article will help you in resolving this error.