• .NET Framework 4 or higher is required

  • It requires a new port to be opened on the AOS, specifically for Replication Data Transfer - 35120

  • [Hyper-V] The Altaro Offsite Server must be installed on a Windows server OS which is the same as the one where production VMs are running. Below you can find a list supported OS's that you can replicate to:

    Host OS
    Supported Replication Altaro Offsite Server OS
    to 2012
    to 2012R2
    to 2016
    2019to 2019
    to 2022
    Azure Stack HCI
    Azure Stack HCI

  • [VMware] The host added to the Altaro Offsite Server must be the same OS as the source host being replicated from. Below you can find a list supported OS's that you can replicate to:

    Host OS
    Supported Replication Host OS
    5.5to 5.5
    6.0to 6.0
    6.5to 6.5
    6.7to 6.7
    7.0to 7.0

  • [VMware] On ESXi hosts you will see the replicated VMs in the vSphere console when you enable replication for your VMs. It is imperative that you do not boot the VM outside of the Altaro Offsite Server. The replicated VM is fully managed by Altaro and will essentially end up discarding any changes made if booted outside of the Altaro Offsite Server.

    Replicated VMs are NOT to be:

    -  manually started from vSphere (outside of Altaro Offsite Server)

    -  deleted from vSphere

    -  manual merging/management of disks/snapshots

Setting it Up

Setting up Replication is actually really easy, however here's a quick guide on how to do so. Obviously before you start, ensure that your primary backup location has already been set, then proceed to enabling replication.

  1. Firstly, you will need to add an Altaro Offsite Server in your [Backup Locations] screen. This will be used as your Replication target. If you're new to setting this up, you can find more instructions on this here.

    Simply click on [Add Offsite Location] and then put in the Server Address, Username and Password (which you've just created) and click [Finish] to add the Altaro Offsite Server.

    So at this stage, you should have an Altaro Offsite Server added, like below:

    Note: In order to set up Replication, there is no need to Drag & Drop VM's to this location. That is only required for taking offsite backups to this AOS. In fact you're able to set up Replication and Offsite Backups to 2 completely different locations.

  2. Then go to the [Replication] menu option

    Then simply click on [Enable Replication] next to the VM of your choosing.

  3. Next, you will need to choose the Replication Altaro Offsite Server for your VMs to the DR site. Select the one you'd like from the drop-down menu and click on [Enable Replication]

    CDP will be automatically enabled and will backup the VM every 5 minutes. This is reflected for the Replication frequency as well. If you wish to change this, you can do so from the CDP Settings screen.