The Altaro Offsite Server tool can be installed on a machine at the other end of a WAN connection and can be used as a Replication target.

Important: TCP Ports 35116, 35117 & 35120 are used for communication between the Altaro VM Backup and the Altaro Offsite Server and must be allowed through.

Also, ensure the machine meets the minimum system requirements for Altaro Offsite Servers. A Windows Server OS is required.

To install and configure the Altaro Offsite Server:

  1. Download and run the installer from here:

  2. Once installed, launch the Altaro Offsite Server application from the Windows Start Menu

  3. You will then be prompted with this screen:

  4. Choose to connect to [This Machine], which will then allow you to monitor/configure your Altaro Offsite Server

  5. Once connected, click [Replication Target Hosts]

  6.  [Hyper-V] If the machine you've installed the Altaro Offsite Server on, already had the Hyper-V role installed you should see your host already listed. If you install the Hyper-V role afterwards, simply click on [Add Replication Target Host] and choose [Localhost Hyper-V Hypervisor]

    [VMware] Click on the [Add Replication Target Host], then add your VMware ESXi host of your vCenter Server

  7. Next, click [Configure Accounts] and then [Add Account] to setup the connection [Account Details] for this Altaro Offsite Server as shown below:

  8. Next, go to the [Replication Target Hosts] tab. Here you'll need to setup a location for the [Replication Working Folder] (stores small files required for the replication job), this must be local disk or iSCSI.

    The last step is to [Link Replication Target Host]

    [Hyper-V] You will be prompted to choose the replication location to a locally connected on the host machine. This must be local disk or iSCSI.

    [VMware] You will be prompted to select a datastore available on your host in order to replicate to.

  9. You can take a look how to point to this account from Altaro VM Backup here

You can monitor replicas from the Replication menu, which will show you current activity.

Note: One Altaro Offsite Server can be used as a Replica server for multiple Altaro VM Backup installations.