ProgramData\Altaro......\Store\Temp filling up

 I got a low disk space warning today and found roughly 50 gigs of data in the following directory:


All the sub-folders are random generated names, such as "0a95c623-d85d-4e29-bcb2-a7b42be352af" and similar.

Browsing through the PSBackup UI I cannot find anything relating to temp settings.  On a whim I upgraded to the latest version, wondering if there was a bug or something with regard to pruning the temp directory after the backups complete.  Didn't see any immediate changes so I began writing this topic.

Checking it now, I can see the free space on the drive slowly increasing.  Running WinDirStat repeatedly shows the size of that temp directory now shrinking.  However, it only improved a little it.  I still have 41 gigs of stuff in the folder.  Some of the folders are as old as 1 year.

Are these temp directories safe to delete?

Are there are fixes or identified issues with this behavior?

OS: Win SRV 2012 R2 Std, Altaro PSBackup version


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