Physcial backup error

 Hi i have problem with physcial backup altaro and i cant repair that

The file on the backup drive: \\?\UNC\proserver01\ALTARO stary serwer\AltaroV9\9e474240-8076-408f-a727-d66b27bc53fc\Locks\Data\FS002.altdb.altc.lock failed a checksum verification test and seems to have been changed or corrupted, and the operation has been stopped for safety reasons. (Error code LockChecksumMismatch)
This may be caused by disk problems, network connectivity problems during a previous backup in case of network drives or tampering with the backup location.

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Hey Oskar, it seems like one of the databases that we need had gotten corrupted here, in fact it's checksum is not matching and we stopped backups for safety reasons. At this point I would recommend checking the disk as it's likely there are some errors being listed in the System event log of that machine.

Once these errors have been resolved, I recommend starting a fresh backup set to ensure that you're able to restore should anything go wrong.

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