Can Altaro Physical Server Backup restore to a network location?

We have an old server that has been faithfully backing up for a couple months using Altaro Physical Server Backup free edition.


I would like to restore it to a virtual machine, however I need the resulting VM to physically reside on a Hyper-V cluster host in a folder on an iSCSI SAN volume.


When I enter the path to the target folder on the SAN volume, the restore process shows the error “A valid restore path is needed.”


I am entering the path as \\server\c$\ClusterStorage\Volume1\VMs\targetfolder\


Is this even possible? What am I doing wrong?

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Hey Jim! It might be that the mount point for the ClusterStorage there is not being translated properly.

Can you try restoring to a location that's not the CSV and then move the restored files?

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