Physical Server Backup failure

I'm getting the following errors trying to backup our server.

An error occurred. Error details: SQL logic error no such table: Generic (Error code GenericExceptionErrorDetails


An error occurred. Error details: [System.InvalidOperationException] The operation cannot run at this time as a conflicting operation is running (Error code GenericExceptionErrorDetails)

The logs a very unhelpful


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By the looks of the logs uploaded here James, it seems like one of the backups has actually failed due to a backup database being inconsistent here and possibly corrupted in fact. I would check the System event log on this machine in order to check for anything like Delayed Write Failures (since you are using a NAS here).

Also, you might want to check if OpLocks are disabled on your NAS device.

Have you tried pointing to a new folder (even if on the same device) and trying to run a manual backup? This should resolve the issue you are encountering currently, however naturally, still check with regards to the above points mentioned.

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