Error code LockChecksumMismatch

I have an issue where my physical server backup is failing due to a corrupt file in the destination share.  The server hosting the share rebooted during a backup operation.  I've followed the only other thread I could find with a similar issue and there was no resolution posted.

Is there a way to resolve this without deleting the entire backup set?

The full error is here:

The file on the backup drive: \\?\UNC\hostname\Altaro_Backup\AltaroV9\13ba1eec-7974-4790-951f-88a147677b2b\Locks\Data\FS007.altdb.altc.lock failed a checksum verification test and seems to have been changed or corrupted, and the operation has been stopped for safety reasons. (Error code LockChecksumMismatch)
This may be caused by disk problems, network connectivity problems during a previous backup in case of network drives or tampering with the backup location.

It seems like the checksum of the file changed here, which essentially means it's no longer consistent and that's why Altaro has stopped the backup for safety reasons. In these cases it's best to check the machine's System event log to see if there are any events such as Disk related or in that case since the location is a network path, for Delayed Write Failure events.

Can you upload the failed backup log located here: C:\ProgramData\Altaro\AltaroPhysicalServerBackup\Logs\OpControllers and the System event log please?

Thanks for the reply.  I ended up starting a new backup storage location just to get things to back up successfully again.  The cause of the issue was the destination storage device rebooted while the backup was running, which explains why the the files were inconsistent.  It wasn't worth performing a lot of troubleshooting when I know the cause and was able to leave the backup history behind.

Thanks again.

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