Cannot get drive details: Invalid query

Backup has failed with this rather vague error multiple times. Any suggest as to where to start?

It seems like a WMI query which is trying to get details about your machine's disks is failing here.

If you open Run > msinfo32 and then browse to Components > Storage > Drives and Disks. Does that bring up any information?

Also, can you attach the Failed operation log file which can be found in the below path please? 


No it doesn't show anything in Drives or Disk. 

And now we are getting a different error.

An error occurred while analyzing the disks on the machine. (Error code DiskContentsExceptionError)


Still looks like the same issue when trying to read your disk details here James... 


[Exception Message]: Cannot get drive details: Quota violation

probably for the same reason your MSinfo is not able to pull it up either. Could you try to look further into that on your end perhaps?

If We get the drive details working correctly in MSinfo I see no reason why Altaro would continue to fail at this stage.

But it seems intermittent. The backup worked just fine last night so I don't know what to do.


It is happening intermittently. I had the error again last night, but this morning I can run the msinfo32 command and get all the drive info and I just ran the back up and it is working. Any suggestions?


We rely on the OS returning this info James, I'm afraid if this info is returned blank then it will fail - same as the MSinfo command.

This is unfortunately not something we can fix in the product itself here - odd that it is intermittent, can you try narrow down a pattern of this behaviour perhaps?

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