Webpage will not load

I've installed the the Physical Server Backup but cannot get the webpage to start so I cannot do the config.   I've re-installed the software several times.

Where can I look to troubleshoot?

Could you post a screenshot of the page that comes up?


Could you check if the Altaro services are actually started in the windows services console?

It's running...


OK, in that case it is very likely you have a proxy or firewall that is blocking access to that IP here. Have you checked your FW logs?

It also doesn't work on the machine itself, i.e. https://localhost:35480, which the firewall wouldn't block.  

Also the firewall does list the Altaro Server backup as allowed.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times.   I've had to revert back to Windows Backup.   Is there any way to reset the IIS?  or is it running on it's own Apache site?  

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