Version 2 Activation Problem

We have run into an interesting problem with the version 2 upgrade.  After the initial installation we could not activate using our new version 2 activation key.  Reading a similar report in this forum indicated that .Net 4.7 was required.  We updated .Net and applied all pending updates for our 2008R2 platform.   We still could not activate so we performed repair installs and a full uninstall/reinstall of Physical Backup version 2 with the same results.  However,  it _appears_ that our scheduled backups are succeeding as shown from the attached screen capture.  We just can't get past the activation pop-up.

Note that at one point we tried to uninstall version 2 and reinstall version 1, which had been working well.  While all our settings were retained from version 1, including the license key, all attempts at a new backup failed with an "Unknown Error".

(33.6 KB)

Actually downgrades from v2 to v1 are not a great idea as the database schemas are different.

I would suggest we start from scratch at this stage as follows:

Could you try this please?:
  1. Uninstall Altaro
  2. Delete the folder: C:\ProgramData\Altaro\AltaroPhysicalServerBackup
  3. Also delete the folder: C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Physical Server Backup
  4. Re-install Altaro Physical Server Backup
  5. Reconfigure your settings and try the backup again

Let me know your results.

Will these actions require a new full backup from scratch?  If so, we can do this, but are backing up about 400GB on this server so we will need to schedule during off-hours.

Yes, correct. If you ran a downgrade and backup attempt then I would not suggest proceeding with current set (you will still be able to archive and restore from it if necessary)

We have performed steps 1-4, but still cannot get past the activation pop-up for version 2.  During the initial key entry, we saw a "Saving..." message, but the activation window returned.  Any subsequent attempt immediately returns to the activation window.

Matt,  just checking back on this issue.  Any other ideas on what we can try to get past the activation window on v2?  Thanks.

You're entering a freeware license key, right Chris? Or are you on a subscription plan through Altaro CMC?

That is correct. We are using the license key obtained during the download of V2.  I am happy to send that key to you offline if needed.

OK, kindly send the key you are using over to

Please reference this forum thread in the email.


Did you get my last email from 5 days ago chris? 

The Key you sent is working just fine on our test machines here so I can confirm that it is fine.

Can you send me some screenshots of the exact behaviour you are seeing? 

Or perhaps I can login and take a look with you via teamviewer?

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