License Expired New Assigned Key Invalid

Hi, for some reason backs stopped due to License Expired. Requested Freeware Key and complains the key is invalid. Had to uninstall the previous version and download latest and then apply a new key in order for validation.

This physical server did previously have the Beta installed but uninstalled as soon as the Freeware version was available weeks ago.



Hi Jim, can you confirm which build you are currently using? and has this issue re-occurred since you installed the latest build?

Hi Matt, yes the latest build - v1.1.0.6. The issue has not reoccurred on multiple hosts.

This was the actual logged error:

 On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 22:00 An Error occurred during a Backup
Backup job could not start. License not valid.

Hi, just installed our first Altaro Physical Server Backup, build, we received a license key, we were able to add it successfully into the software. But when we launch our first backup, here's what we get:

On Fri, 13 Sep 2019 16:59 An Error occurred during a Backup

Altaro Physical Server Backup is currently unlicensed. Backups will keep on failing until a Freeware key is provided or Altaro Physical Server Backup is linked to CMC with an active MSP subscription. (Error code APB_ERROR_LICENSENOTVALID)

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