Analyzing disk error

I installed Altaro and get this error when starting a backup

"Altaro Physical Server Backup encountered an error while analyzing the disks"

1. I restarted the server. No difference.

2. Uninstalled Altaro, restarted server, reinstalled, restarted server. Same error.

3. Moved the backup disk location to a different folder.

No difference.

4. Moved the backup disk location to a different disk.

No difference.

The two disks are using the same Dell RAID controller. Maybe your application is having issues communicating with this disk controller ? (DELL PERC H330 SCSI / SAS DISK)

Server o/s is Windows Server 2016 Essentials Ed

Hi Trevor, could you post a screenshot from your disk management screen showing the details of the disks?

Are they NTFS formatted or ReFS?

They are NTFS

(13 KB)

OK thanks Trevor, I have taken this offline to request some logs via email, you should get an email from me shortly.

are there any other disks connected in disk management? perhaps removable disks which are offline?
could you send a full screenshot of disk management please?

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