Daily Status Report

If a backup is scheduled to occur every second day, the status report mark that backup as overdue.  Your logic may differ but IMHO if it is scheduled to miss a day, it is NOT overdue.


Altaro V8.4.03

This is not critical but would welcome your comments.

Thanks for pointing this out Pierre, I'll pass this on to our dev team and keep you posted!

Pierre, actually there is no option to configure a schedule of backups every second day at this stage, so this report is actually accurate :)

This was done manually like this


Not strictly every other days, just the same "overdue" status should perhaps be "pending" or "standby" or "scheduled skip" or "nothing to report" or ...

Looks like you are referring to Altaro VM Backup, Not Altaro Physical Server Backup.

This forum is for discussions on the new BETA version of Altaro Physical Server Backup, it is a completely separate product to Altaro VM Backup. If you require support on Altaro VM Backup, kindly go through our regular support channels found here: https://help.altaro.com/ Thanks!

Your View seems to be very Different from mine.
Any Ideas as to why?
That looks similar to the VM build though.


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