Quick Start Guide

Once you've installed Altaro Physical Server Backup, the next step is to launch the console and start setting it up.

  1. Launch Altaro Physical Server Backup, enter the [Domain], [Username] and [Password] for this machine. Then click [Sign in]

  2. Upon signing in, you will need to activate your Altaro Physical Server Backup by entering a license key.  If you have not received a free Key you can request one from here.

  3. Next, go to [Backup Settings] in order start it up

  4. Here you'll be able to configure the following:
    1. Backup Location - can be a Physical Drive (USB, eSATA or iSCSI) or a Network Path (LAN only)
    2. Encryption - optional, backups will be encrypted with AES-256 if enabled
    3. Retention - it's suggested to leave this option enabled. You can configure it to delete old backups automatically after X amount of days.
    4. Schedule - again, it's suggested to leave this option enabled. This will automatically backup your server at the times you pick

      Once you're happy with the configuration, click [Save]


  5. Next, under the [Protected Volumes] you will be able to pick Volumes that will be included in your backups. By default all Volumes will be backed up, but you can simply exclude the volumes you don't want to backup. Note: removable drives and ReFS formatted disks are always excluded from backup.

  6. It's also suggested to configure [Email Notifications] in order to Backup & Restore operations

  7. Lastly, go to the [Backup] screen and click [Take Backup] in order to kick off one now. Otherwise, you can wait for the scheduled backup time.

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