BETA Known Issues & Limitations

Please see a list of current Known Issues with Altaro Physical Server Backup BETA v 1.0 below:

  • Restore of Windows 2008 R2 machine will not boot up.

  • Restore from a Windows 2008 R2 machine is disabled.

  • Backup and retention operations running at the same time may fail.

  • Changing partition sizes will not trigger a full backup.

  • Drives allowed to be backed up are not filtered (Eg. Pen drives).

  • Disk errors during backup or restore will fail the operation.

  • .Net 4.6.2 needs to be manually installed before setup is run.

  • Start from Scratch is not supported. Realm needs to be manually deleted.

  • Restore of a UEFI booting machine to a Windows 2012 Hyper-V will fail as Gen 2 virtual machine are not supported by Windows 2012.

  • Altaro Physical Backup may use 1GB of RAM during backup.

  • Retention may keep extra versions.

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