Forum Rules and Guidelines

This thread will serve as the code of conduct for the Altaro Physical Server Backup Community Forums and will apply to all participants of this forum and its associated services.

As a member of this community you agree that you are of 13 years of age or older, will hold yourself accountable to this code of conduct, will follow all applicable local and national laws, and will help us maintain a respectful, safe and fun community.

You Agree to….

  • Be respectful at all times
  • Search for an applicable answer before posting a new thread
  • Try your best to keep each thread relevant and on point
  • Cite all used sources. (It’s ok to use your own sources as long as they are actually yours to use)
  • No profanity, insulting, abrasive, or aggressive language, this applies especially when interacting with other members of this community.

You Agree you will NOT….

Post content or conduct any action with or without intention to cause harm to anyone, that includes or could lead to:

  • Invasions of Privacy
  • Collection of Personal Data
  • Threats, stalking, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination (of any kind)
  • Illegal Materials
  • Spreading Malware/Spyware/Viruses
  • Spamming of any Kind
  • Impersonation of any Altaro Employee or Forum Admin/Moderator
  • Promoting or Facilitating the Sale or Access to Weapons or Illegal Materials
  • Intentional or un-intentional modification of the forums or associated hosting platform.
  • Using the forum as a place to organize or conduct monetary transactions
  • Use of bots for automated posting or other forum activity
  • Untasteful content, or materials that would be deemed pornographic
  • Chain letters, pyramid schemes, and other scams.

Some Other Things of Note:

  • All the help provided here by forum admins/moderators and forum members is provided at best effort and does not constitute a support arrangement of any kind.
  • Any advice given on the forums is taken and used at your own discretion. Damages of any kind, incurred as a result of information from this forum are your own responsibility, and not the responsibility of Altaro Software, or any participant on these forums. In short, make sure you read up, understand, and test suggested fixes and changes prior to implementing them in production.
  • Please be aware when posting personal information. While we’d like to think everyone here has the best intentions in mind, the web isn’t always safe from prying eyes. Again, use common sense where applicable.
  • You are responsible for protecting your device from malware and viruses while using these forums. While we try our best at moderating all content, this is a public forums where any individual can post freely, including those with malicious intent.
  • Altaro Software reserves the right to amend or change this code of conduct at any time.
  • Altaro Software reserves the right to remove user-created content at any time and without notice, and to delete any associated content and accounts.

If you Want the Short Version…

Be a decent human being, don’t try to hurt other community members or the hosting organization, be helpful, and post wholesome on-topic content.

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